About Us

Germax Interiors was founded in 1984 by two enthusiastic and eager cabinet makers. They started out in Sefton in a small rented space producing quality furniture and joinery. Four years later in 1988, Germax bought its own 700 square metre premises in Enfield diversifying into producing custom-made joinery and furniture for hotels, corporate offices and general refurbishing jobs. The young company developed an excellent reputation for its attention to detail and production quality. Outgrowing its factory space in Enfield, Germax Interiors moved its offices and production to 2500 square metres in Greenacre in 1994. The new facility allowed adding a larger polishing shop, veneering section and additional machinery.

As its customer base and annual projects grew, Germax Interiors focused on automation by acquiring their first CNC machine in 1988. Realizing the opportunities with this new machinery, Germax invested in its technology infrastructure and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Today, Germax uses AutoCAD and 3D analyser during the production planning process. These computer programs directly feed the CNC machines with instructions. As a result, Germax is positioned to take on bigger jobs and complete production in shorter time frames without compromising production and finishing quality. Germax also has long standing and reliable relationships with offshore suppliers to handle excess production needs.

Commitment to customer service remained a high priority as Germax continued to grow. Excellent customer service from the initial meeting to the final stage is a key part of Germax’s mission. Many of its customers are returning customers, a clear tribute to Germax’s commitment to quality and service excellence, and its ability to deliver on time.

Germax now has a team of highly skilled and formally trained craftsmen in its offices and factory. Committed to the craft and giving back to its industry, Germax continues to train many young people through its apprenticeship program.

Looking towards the future, Germax remains committed to manufacturing high quality products, to deliver excellent customer service, and to meeting agreed delivery times.


Germax Interiors employs over 25 people including skilled cabinet makers, experienced project managers, site supervisors, installers and administration personnel.


Our modern plant and machinery along with a polishing shop, veneering section and materials warehouse occupy the majority of our premises. As part of our commitment to save the environment, we recycle and our factory is equipped with solar panels.